An introduction to this strange new frontier... and many others awaiting you

Well, welcome to my world. My name is Innominata. I'm a human being, a person (by the way, a girl), and alive, as you can tell since I'm typing these words. You'll probably never meet me in your life, considering the fact that there are millions and millions of people in the country that I am a resident of (the United States) and billions and billions of people in this planet that we, me and you, both inhabit (Earth). And there's just not a very likely chance that one of the few people you will meet out of the billions and billions of people on Earth will be me. Sorry, confusing sentence, but I'll assume you understood that.

This is...a little place I'd like to claim as my own, although it is a subdomain of the website known as Weebly (as you might know from the URL which very clearly has the words in it). I don't have a lot of places to claim as my own, considering the fact that I'm...ah, young, I suppose, and pretty much broke, and underage. I could tell you my age, but I'd prefer not to write personal information (although it'll become pretty obvious as you explore the rest of my little world). Also my mom would kill me...well, actually she has no clue what I do on the computer, so nevermind about that. But I'd still prefer not to write personal information...directly, anyways.

So...yeah. This is, I guess, my little internet home. I'm an aspiring author, so be prepared to read a lot if you decide to explore the contents of my virtual land. I also like to write song lyrics, draw, and roam around YouTube (=D) so you'll see a little bit of those hobbies too. I'm not always this nice as I'm being at the moment, but don't worry, I don't suffer from constant mood swings. I also know a little bit of basic internet HTML coding (I learned it all from*smiles*) and I love to make these...marquees. They're amazing...

An example of my marquee-loving self. Enjoy my world, sincerely, Innominata

And I suppose I should give an explanation to the title of the site...EveningGlories. Well, it's a reference to the flower, Morning Glory, which is one of my favorites. They usually last for a single morning and die in the afternoon or night. They're really pretty too. I changed the name around a little...just because it would create an available domain.