About me:I'm an Asian, so naturally, as all people believe, I have awesome ninja skills, eat rice every single day, and have very slanted eyes. Well, for your information, I do have very slanted eyes. But I see perfectly, except I might need glasses. But that's beside the point. And I do eat rice almost every single freaking dang day. It's true. Almost every day, and while we're at it, usually two, sometimes even three times a day. Do I get sick of rice? Well, actually, no. Must be my Asian genes acting up. Oh, and also, I definitely do have awesome ninja skills. It's so true. Yup. Definitely. So you'd better not steal my pie. Or my waffles. Because I will karate chop you into a million pieces (or just two) and then kung-fu your butt out of my pie-eating/waffle-enjoying space and then I will catch a fly with my steel chopsticks of terror. Yeah, so don't mess with me. :)
Yours truly

Me: A being in existence, forgotten and rendered useless due to lack of experience in years. Goes by the idiotic pseudonym 'Innominata', derived from the Latin word 'innonimatus' meaning nameless, the information being collected from Wikipedia--which is, as she is well aware of, unreliable. But she doubts it's that corrupted.

Detests insults directed towards twelve-year-old girls and how they enjoy the (excuse the profanity) fucked up forms of entertainment that Disney produces. This detestment of insults such as those would leave two assumptions; one being that this twelve-year-old girl believes that the Jonas Brothers are the next Beatles and finds the implied meaning that the Jonas Brothers are talentless unpleasant, and the other being that this twelve-year-old girl absolutely despises the idiocracy that is the Jonas Brothers and would like to kindly stab the insulter for inserting her in the same group as those fangirls. It's your decision.

She has recently taken up a hobby of writing about herself in third person (limited), although her writing style has decisively been first-person, which leads to the occasional problem of switching back and forth between first, third, and sometimes second person--even though second person is often forgotten due to the fame that first and third receive.

Dreams about becoming a renown author, although her inner consciousness wishes for her to wake up from that dream that so many aspiring writers dream. Her rational side realizes that her literary skills are far below mediocre--even this narrative requires an online dictionary to sound professional and of good quality--and that even with the possibility of her writing being enjoyably readable, she would not have the proper funding, assistance, or even the determination (she has been quite lacking in that department) to get her story to a famous publisher. Well, let the poor girl dream.